Scholarships and Partnerships at the University of West Alabama

The University of West Alabama is dedicated to making education as affordable as possible. Each program is competitively priced, and 80 percent of students receive some type of financial aid. Students also use available grants, scholarships, loans and more.

Here are some exciting scholarship and partnership opportunities at UWA.

  • Teacher Connect

    The Teacher Connect Scholarship program at UWA partners with school systems to help teachers and aspiring teachers complete education degrees online while qualifying for a tuition scholarship of up to $50 per credit hour. It can be applied to all 35 online education programs for certification (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level) at UWA.
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  • Military Connect

    The Military Connect program at UWA helps active military members, veterans, spouses and dependents complete their degrees online while qualifying for a tuition scholarship of up to $100 per credit hour. After the scholarship, tuition equals $329 per credit hour for graduate programs and $275 ($250 active military) per credit hour for undergraduate programs. The scholarship is available to students who qualify for the Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative program.
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  • Business Connect

    The Business Connect program enables employees at partner companies to receive a scholarship worth $50 per credit hour for graduate, undergraduate and doctoral degree programs at UWA. This amounts to a $1,500 savings over the course of a typical 30-credit graduate degree or more than $6,000 for a 120-credit undergraduate degree.
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  • Community College Connect

    The Community College Connect Scholarship allows students who transfer an associate degree from any partnered community college to earn a scholarship for up to $1,500 at UWA. It will be distributed to your online bachelor’s degree program at $50 per credit hour for the first 30 consecutive credits.
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  • Black Belt Teacher Corps Teach For Alabama

    The Black Belt Teacher Corps Teach for Alabama scholarship program helps junior and senior education majors qualify for up to $10,000 in savings while pursuing degree programs that provide initial teacher certification. The BBTC program is designed to supply designated Alabama public school districts with well-qualified teachers for each classroom. Scholarship recipients complete service teaching in Alabama public schools located in the Black Belt region, designated as rural schools or considered high-needs schools.
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