2023-2024 Online Academic Calendar

Online Term Fall 1 2023 Fall 2 2023 Spring 1 2024 Spring 2 2024 Summer 1 2024 Summer 2 2024
Registration Opens 13-Feb-23 13-Feb-23 30-Oct-23 30-Oct-23 18-Mar-24 18-Mar-24
IL Deadline Phase 1: Portfolio 24-Jul-23 25-Sep-23 29-Nov-23 19-Feb-24 22-Apr-24 3-Jun-24
IL Deadline Phase 2: Video Interview 31-Jul-23 2-Oct-23 6-Dec-23 26-Feb-24 29-Apr-24 10-Jun-24
EdD Application Packet 1-Jun-23 2-Oct-23 1-Apr-24
DBA Application Packet 1-Jun-23 2-Oct-23
Connect Deadline 3-Aug-23 5-Oct-23 28-Dec-23 29-Feb-24 2-May-24 13-Jun-24
Last Day to Register 7-Aug-23 9-Oct-23 2-Jan-24 4-Mar-24 6-May-24 17-Jun-24
Tuition Payment (by 3pm) 10-Aug-23 12-Oct-23 4-Jan-24 7-Mar-24 9-May-24 20-Jun-24
Classes Start 14-Aug-23 16-Oct-23 8-Jan-24 11-Mar-24 13-May-24 24-Jun-24
Classes End 5-Oct-23 7-Dec-23 29-Feb-24 2-May-24 20-Jun-24 1-Aug-24

2022-2023 Online Academic Calendar

Online Term Fall 1 2022 Fall 2 2022 Spring 1 2023 Spring 2 2023 Summer 1 2023 Summer 2 2023
Registration Opens 28-Mar-22 28-Mar-22 31-Oct-22 31-Oct-22 13-Feb-23 13-Feb-23
IL Deadline Phase 1: Portfolio 25-Jul-22 26-Sep-22 28-Nov-22 20-Feb-23 24-Apr-23 5-Jun-23
IL Deadline Phase 2: Video Interview 1-Aug-22 3-Oct-22 5-Dec-22 27-Feb-23 1-May-23 12-Jun-23
EdD Application Packet 1-Jun-22 3-Oct-22 3-Apr-23
DBA Application Packet 1-Jun-22 3-Oct-22
Connect Deadline 4-Aug-22 6-Oct-22 29-Dec-22 2-Mar-23 4-May-23 15-Jun-23
Last Day to Register 8-Aug-22 10-Oct-22 2-Jan-23 6-Mar-23 8-May-23 19-Jun-23
Tuition Payment (by 3pm) 11-Aug-22 13-Oct-22 5-Jan-23 9-Mar-23 11-May-23 22-Jun-23
Classes Start 15-Aug-22 17-Oct-22 9-Jan-23 13-Mar-23 15-May-23 26-Jun-23
Classes End 6-Oct-22 8-Dec-22 2-Mar-23 4-May-23 22-Jun-23 3-Aug-23

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