You’ve decided to become a high school teacher – now you need to decide what subject matter you want to teach. Decisions you make in your everyday life might provide insight into what specialization in education would suit you best.

Choosing a subject to teach can be hard. Take this quiz to make it easier.

You’re taking a beach vacation. What kind of book will you pack?

It’s your day off. What activity are you most looking forward to?

What word best describes someone you’d date?

How do you make important decisions?

What movie is most likely to be in your Netflix queue?

Congratulations – you got a bonus at work! How do you spend it?

How do you like to wind down?

When you go out for a nice dinner, how do you choose the restaurant?

Where do you want your next vacation to be?

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Starting or continuing your education career

Except for some private schools, all high school teachers require state certification as well as a degree. A master’s degree in education will help you enter the field at a higher salary. There are more than 15,500 high school teachers in Alabama, and the mean salary in 2017 was $49,790 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Quiz Transcript

You got Math as Your Specialization in Education

Your analytical mind and love of solving problems makes you a natural to teach math. And good news, math teachers are almost always in high demand. Teaching students to hone their math skills can be very rewarding. Financial literacy is a critical skill for young people to learn before they enter the real world.

You got PE as Your Specialization in Education

You have a passion for fitness and health. Passing that enthusiasm on to a younger generation is exactly what PE teachers do. It’s not all fun and games for PE teachers; they educate high schoolers about teamwork and leadership, they lead health classes and teach body positivity, and oftentimes, PE teacher also coach sports.

You got Social Sciences as Your Specialization in Education

You’re curious about the world and how it works, same with people, and you also have a passion for history. There are a lot of different subjects you could teach that are considered social science: history, psychology, geography and economics, to name a few. Knowing about our past helps your students become well-informed citizens.

You got Science as Your Specialization in Education

You love to explore and to figure out what makes things tick. You have an analytical mind, but you’re also creative. Chemistry, physics and biology classes are required by most schools, but some offer classes like earth science and astronomy, too. Inspiring students to be curious about their world and to test their ideas is part of what makes a great science teacher.