Interested in Becoming a Counselor?

Earning a counseling degree is a necessary step in pursuing one of the in-demand fields. With a master’s degree, you’ll receive the educational foundation you need for reaching your goal of becoming a counselor.

Counselors are integral in helping people overcome obstacles and challenges they are facing. By using strategies geared towards clients’ environments and needs, mental health counselors, family counselors and school counselors can help clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems. These careers are projected to experience faster-than-average growth by 2026 — some more than triple the national average.

Are you ready to take a deeper look at these roles? With our free guide to counseling careers, you can prepare yourself for the next step in your journey.

What You'll Learn

  • Information about three in-demand counseling careers
  • How much counselors are earning
  • Job outlook and demand for counselors
  • What it takes to enter one of these fields
  • And more

What You'll Get

The University of West Alabama’s A Guide to Counseling Careers, which is a free resource for current and prospective counselors interested in career opportunities. Get your copy today!