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Technical Support for Online Students:

A “Technical Resources for Online Students” area has been created within Blackboard to assist you with various aspects of your online program. For example, to familiarize you with RPNow, a simulated exam has been created to allow you to use your computer in an exam situation before you are required to do so in your course(s). You may access this simulated exam multiple times. You should test the RPNow software the first week of each term to ensure your system is running as expected. In addition, if you experience any problems, such as a virus infection, or make any hardware/software changes to your computer, you should revisit the simulated exam to ensure RPNow remains operational.

In addition to the simulated exam, you will find other important information including contact information, support information and technical tips to make your online learning experience a success.

To access the “Technical Resources for Online Students” area, simply log into Blackboard and you will find the area listed under your available courses.

For more information on technical support, click here

Contact your Academic Advisor:

Name Email Phone Number
Hannah Lavin hlavin@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 7651
Jessica Foyah jfoyah@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 7630
Jonathan Long jlong@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 7529
Melissa Kaelin mkaelin@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 7491
Taylor Elliott telliott@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 128
Whitney Boswell wboswell@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 7695
Lindsey Heibert lheibert@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 7591
Zoe Slaughter zherold@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 6445
Maggie Siebens msiebens@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 7611
Shannon Doll sdoll@uwa.edu 800-993-5761 x 6442

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